Thanks to Matt Gannon for this wonderful testimonial. Here are his unedited comments:
Anyone interested or even thinking about aviation I highly recommend talking to the crew at adventure aviation. They are truly top notch, from excellent equipment to absolute amazing instructors and a very comfortable clean and modern facility I really can’t say enough!! Mike and the entire crew go out of their way making you feel comfortable and part of an aviation family as soon as you walk thru the door.
I have a private business that keeps me very busy, the thought of achieving a private pilot’s license seemed like a dream not long ago, the crew at adventure Aviation worked with me and my schedule to make this happen. A big shout out to James and Wellington for coming in after hours and on their days off to work with me. The operation is very busy with a steady flow of new students however the entire staff always find a way to make time for every student. Mike I would like to personally thank you as well for coming in on a Saturday in order to accommodate my schedule and providing my flight test on your days off!!
This has been one of the biggest achievements of my life and I feel I owe it all to this crew, if anyone is even remotely on the fence and debating signing on to either further your career, or like me start a new passion in life don’t waste another minute, get in touch with adventure aviation. (May 2019)



“My time at Adventure Aviation was a trans-formative time in my flight training. I came from Calgary to complete my instructor rating with Mike in the Fall of 2016. The instruction I received was top notch and efficient. The on-site accommodations were comfortable and I truly felt part of the Adventure Aviation family during my stay.

The training prepared me well in my return to Calgary as a flight instructor. The techniques and professionalism that Mike demonstrated to me have been passed down to my next generation of future pilots. I’ve recently been hired by a regional airline, and my friends at Adventure Aviation should know that they can share in my success. I’d strongly recommend anyone, even an out-of-towner like I was, to visit Grande Prairie and invest in your future by flying with Adventure Aviation.”

Michael Kroutil


“After completing my CPL in Southern Ontario, I decided to head west and conduct my Multi-IFR training with Adventure Aviation. Key deciding factors included: the experienced and knowledgeable staff, meticulously maintained aircraft, complimentary accommodations, northern flying exposure, and the efficiency associated with the Grande Prairie airport environment for IFR flight training; all resulting in a high quality and effective training experience. Upon arrival, I was immediately impressed with the staff, as Mike was there to greet me many hours after closing up. I enjoyed the high attention to detail, insight, and exceptional quality of training provided by my instructor Ryan, who was able to develop an effective training curriculum leading to my successful rating completion in a matter of days. In the evenings, I was provided with complementary on-site accommodation where I enjoyed a fully furnished condo, a very comfortable bed, and enjoyed the window view of runway 25-07 traffic while conducting my studies. Again I’d like to thank Ryan, Michael, and the entire staff for making my Multi-IFR training such an enjoyable experience. Your solid reputation has certainly aided in my job hunt, as I am now getting started in my Aviation Career. I will absolutely recommend Adventure Aviation to anyone looking to complete their flight training both recreationally and as a career.”

Dan Gysbers – Adventure Aviation Professional Course Student


“I recently completed my Multi-IFR rating with Adventure Aviation. A certain amount of time was given to me from my current employer to complete this training, leaving me with a fairly tight schedule. The staff at Adventure Aviation understood my needs and stepped up to the plate to help me out and get me on my way. The training was top notch. Everyone was friendly and willing to lend a hand when needed. Being a flight instructor myself allows me to know the difference between good and not-so-good training. I was trained by Ian and Mike; who are both Class 1, experienced instructors. They shared real-world operational knowledge with me that I will be able to use in the future. All lessons were complete with informative briefings. I could immediately see that the equipment was well maintained. Their Twin Comanche (equipped with a GTN750 and an Aspen Pro HSI, digital tachometers, digital fuel flow gauges and a few more appealing STC’s) was a great platform to train on. The airport at Grande Prairie itself allowed me to maximize each flight’s training potential. There was no excessive waiting on the ground (with the engines running) – or in the air for that matter. The flow of air traffic is not as high as you would see at some other airports. After the lessons, I was welcome to stay in the on-site complimentary accommodations. The room I stayed in was fully furnished and very comfortable. Overall, I would recommend Adventure Aviation to anyone looking to complete any sort of flight training. If I had to do it again, I wouldn’t change a thing. Thanks to everyone at Adventure Aviation!”

– Randy Blackwell

After completing his multi-engine IFR on our Twin Comanche, here is Wynand Wessels’ beautiful Piper Seneca III.  We are so proud of Wynand and pleased to be able to get him checked out on his new aircraft.

Troy Bessey purchased this beautiful fully IFR equipped Cessna 182. We always love to see one of our students make good use of their licence by getting an aircraft of their own. Happy Flying, Troy!