Complimentary On-site Accommodation


Adventure Aviation is pleased to offer on-site and off-site accommodations for our full time out-of-town students attending our flight training facility.  We have nicely appointed private bedrooms, a fully equipped kitchen, laundry facilities, bathrooms with showers, and wireless Internet.  The living room has satellite television and lots of comfy seating.  The fireplace is a great spot to trade stories and flight training anecdotes.  Many life-long friendships are formed during students’ stay here.  Most students that come from out of town want to focus completely on their training to make the best use of their time and accomplish set goals.

At Adventure Aviation, we strive to meet all schedules and timetables our students present to us.  Through our initial consultation process with students, we will identify your goals and set an appropriate schedule for completion.  Whether you have a week of holidays or 2 months off work, accommodation is available.

Terms / Conditions: Accommodations are $640/month and prorated weekly.

Alternative accommodations are also available, for more information visit  CLICK HERE